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ReadingEats – Your 360o Guide to the World of Eatery

Clichéd as it may seem but all great things have humble beginnings; so is the story behind Reading Eats. It all started with Muhammad Ashraf who had been managing food deliveries for last 8 years.  In his experience of interacting with customers, restaurants and the drivers – he found that there were many gaps that left a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth. 

With so many stakeholders at hand, each one had their own issues to resolve. Observing the residing challenges, Ashraf decided to come up with plausible solution of a system that could cater to needs of all stakeholders. 

The unhappy customers wanted their orders to be delivered on time with complete accuracy while restaurants wanted to boost their sales and on the other hand, drivers felt exploited by being given less control of the food delivery options. Ashraf collaborated with other like-minded people to develop ReadingEats app that has 3 different aspects for catering to all dimensions of food delivery. One of them he collaborated with is Noor Mustafa who has IT related background and he helped in taking initiative to build ReadingEats.

Happy Customers are Consistent Customers

There is no denying the fact that customers make or break any business. That is why it is important to provide customers a flawless app that enables them to order food with a promise of complete security and visibility. ReadingEats allows customers to order food either through the Customer app or website. Registration is easy and free. Once a user is registered, they can browse through food categories; decide on the restaurant and the food items they want to add to cart. You can choose from a wide range of menus and even avail the various restaurant deals that are exclusively available to the ReadingEats customers only.

Customers have the capability to decide the food delivery time that can be anything from 30 minutes, to ordering later the same day or even the next day. Once the order is complete, they have the visibility of checking the order status in real-time. This gives customers full control of their order from start to the very finish.

Payments are secure as they occur through credit cards via mobile only. Therefore, a customer remains secure and happy at all times.

Restaurants - Pump Up your Sales Volume

In a world of technology where competition is fierce, many local restaurants and food outlets are finding it hard to stay afloat. With ReadingEats Restaurant Manager App, restaurants have the edge to promote their businesses through various food deals and offers to the customers.  You can chalk out your entire business plan and promote your restaurant to ensure that customers are able to take advantage of offerings that in turn help increase sales volume and revenue.

The role of restaurants is intermediary as they get to interact with the customers as well as the Amber riders.  Customers can interact with the restaurant managers to know about their order statuses while the restaurants interact with the riders to ensure food is delivered to customers on time. Although, management of these aspects may seem cumbersome but ReadingEats app ensures maximum possible leverage to the restaurants for culmination of these operations.

Moreover, ReadingEats provides immense opportunity to local eatery businesses to develop, branch out and sustain their businesses. Anyone who is serious about wanting to make it big will not overlook the chance of being on the ReadingEats platform.

Ride the Wave When it’s High – here is a chance to become an ReadingEats Rider

The third aspect of ReadingEats app is the Driver app that allows many prospect drivers to become part of the local eatery business world. For anyone who is interested in earning a handsome salary with the flexibility of working on their selected hours, this is your chance to become part of something reliable by joining the Amber rider team.  

ReadingEats realizes the importance of the riders who are the necessary taskforce behind delivery of orders around the locality. The restaurants of particular location share the riders who have the option of accepting or declining the food orders as they appear on their app in real-time. This way riders help out in boosting the local restaurant businesses and providing customers their food orders on their doorstep.

ReadingEats app ensures that riders are well compensated for their efforts.  While riders often face exploitation at hands of local businesses, ReadingEats ensures that riders get the maximum cushion for their efforts.

Covering All Corners through ReadingEats 

ReadingEats is a multi-dimensional app that aims to serve customers, restaurants and riders on the fly. 

As a company, ReadingEats is passionate about food industry and aims to make its presence known commercially as well as in the heart of people. There are many local restaurants that don’t get the needed exposure or boost simply because they are overshadowed by renowned businesses in their vicinity. However, through our app; these restaurants stand a chance to get noticed by offering various discounts and promotions to customers.

Moreover, through our Riders – they can be accessed by wide range of customers in their vicinity. 

We also aim to go a notch further and help new eatery businesses to enter the market and try their luck. This also benefits customers by getting more food options. Hence, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. 

With the collaboration between all stakeholders, ReadingEats app believes that the sky is the limit and we want to move all grounds to aim for greater heights.

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